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About Loyal Care and Support

Achieving full community life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities — one person at a time”
Full community life means supporting people to have choice and control over all aspects of their lives including where they work, live, and spend their time. Engaging and participating in community life has a positive impact on people with disabilities and their community. People with disabilities are valuable members of their communities.

It is the mission of Loyal Care and Support to create an environment that fosters individualized services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This agency works diligently to work in accordance with DDA’s mission to create a flexible, person centered family oriented system of support that will result in the individuals we serve living their lives to the fullest.

Always Here, Always Caring and Supporting

Let us treat your loved ones like family.
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Our Vision

Loyal Care and Support, Inc. (LCS) provides residential and individualized supportive services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in a community setting. We are dedicated to assuring that these individuals can live their life to the fullest, in an atmosphere that encourages the participation of the individuals' families and others living in the community. A primary focus is to maintain an environment which reflects the characteristics of a unified family and that promotes self-respect, independence, and the services to improve the quality of life for each individual served.

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