Community Living services assist the participant, who lives in a provider-owned or operated residential setting in the development, acquisition, and maintenance of skills related to activities of daily living, instrumental activities of daily living, and to engage in community integration, socialize, and work, if the person would like to do so. Community Living Services
● Support the person to live as independently as possible in the community, including: ○ Learning socially acceptable behavior ○ Learning effective communication ○ Learning self-direction and problem-solving ○ Engaging in safety practices; ○ Performing household chores in a safe and effective manner; ○ Performing self-care; and ○ Learning skills for employment
● Services are provided in a provider-owned or operated group home setting
● Community Living Services (and the applicable rates) includes nursing case management and delegation services ○ Additional hours may be authorized, based upon the person’s needs, documented in the person-centered plan and Health Risk Screening Tool. ○ Any delegation of nursing tasks by a licensed registered nurse to a direct support staff (certified by the Maryland Board of Nursing as a Medication Technician) must comply with all applicable laws, regulations (e.g., COMAR 10.27.11), and other requirements.
● Community Living – Enhanced Supports Services (and the applicable rates) include Behavioral Support Services.
● Community Living Services (and the applicable rates) includes reasonable and local transportation services. The DDA Provider is responsible for providing and arranging for transportation to, from, and within the Community Living Services. The DDA provider shall use the most appropriate and least costly mode of transportation, with priority given to the use of public transportation when appropriate.

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