● The term “Meaningful Day” is used to describe the entire menu of Maryland DDA’s employment and day services. The purpose of Meaningful Day services is to support participants of working age on their path to employment (no matter where they are on that path), and participants of retirement age to take part in retirement activities.

● Each participant should be supported to build a day, a week, and a life, full of meaning, based on their individual person-centered outcomes, goals, interests, and needs. Supports include natural, community, local, and State resources.

● Meaningful Day services are predicated on the belief that all individuals with developmental disabilities can work when given the opportunity, training, and supports that build on a person’s strengths and individual social networks. Maryland envisions employment as the first service choice considered for all people of working age, but not the only choice.

● All Meaningful Day services shall be designed to support the facilitation of community membership and the highest level of independence appropriate while reducing levels of eligibility-specific services needed when possible and appropriate.

● Activities should be habilitative in nature (meaning they should be focused on keeping, learning, or improving skills and functioning for daily living). However, what activities a particular person does is going to be based on their own outcomes/goals, experiences, and barriers.

Meaningful Day Services Include

Employment Services ( provided by LCS )

Community Development Services ( provided by LCS )

○ Career Exploration Services (Facility-based, Small Group, Large Group)

○ Day Habilitation Services

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