Personal Supports provide habilitative services that assist people who live in their own or family home with the development or maintenance of skills related to daily and community living.
● Activities should be habilitative in nature (meaning they should be focused on keeping, training, learning,or improving skills and functioning for daily living). However, what activities a particular person does is going to be based on their own outcomes/goals, experiences, and barriers. Personal Supports Services may include ● In-home skills development;
● Community integration and engagement skills development; and
● Personal care assistance services, when they do not comprise the entirety of the service.
● Transportation to, from, and within the service is also included with Personal Supports. Enhanced Rate ●
An enhanced rate for Personal Supports is available when: ○ Person has an approved Behavioral Plan; or ○ Person has a Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST) score of 4 or higher.
● To access the enhanced rate, Personal Supports – Enhance service must be included in the Person-Centered Plan. Electronic Visit Verification
● Personal Supports services are subject to Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). Once implemented into LTSSMaryland, Personal Supports must be billed by the Direct Support Professional clocking in and out of the Maryland In-Home Assurance System (ISAS) at the start and end of the shift.

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